Our Rates / Fees

Our Rates are as Simple as can be:

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  • No Annual Fee for the First Year!
  • $TT 75 Subsequent Years.
  • 8% Handling Fee on all purchased items
  • We DO NOT give QUOTES on ocean freight



  • 0 lbs – 100 lbs = US$ 2.75 / lb
  • 101 lbs – 200lbs = US$ 2.55 / lb
  • 201 lbs or greater = US$ 2.45 / lb


  • Call for Ocean Rates


EHL is giving you the opportunity to shop online.
You choose what you want and EHL will make the purchase on your behalf.

Our procedures are as follows:

1. You choose your item/s online and send us a link with the description of the item and amount or tell us and we will locate what you need.

2. A Quotation is given to you of the estimated cost to purchase and ship the item(s).
Please Note Our quote is based on prices and weight supplied to EHL Couriers via online supplier/customer. When the actual goods arrive we will then use the shipper’s info to calculate the actual figures. Please be guided accordingly

3. Place payment only for the amount to purchase the item/s from the supplier and ship to our US holding facility. Upon receipt of your money you are required to sign (2) two documents.

  • 1- A purchase confirmation invoice for the online purchase of the item/s.
  • 2- A printout of the said item/s. Please click on the attached here  to view the sample invoice document.

4. We order the item/s and send you the purchase invoice via email from the supplier confirming the purchase has been made on your behalf.

5. When the item/s is delivered to our head office in Curepe we will do an invoice for you for the cost incurred for shipping the item into the country. You will then be informed via email and phone/text that your package/s arrived.

Ask about our Delivery options.

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